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Bishops Wenner and Goodpaster assess 2012 General Conference

In a post General Conference press conference Bishops Rosemarie Wenner and Larry Goodpaster reviewed the 2012 assembly and discussed next steps for the denomination. Press_Conference 

Bishop Wenner offers parting word

Bishop Rosemarie Wenner offered “A Parting Word” during the closing worship service of the 2012 General Conference.  It was entitled, “Where You Lead Us We Will God.”

Closing worship of General Conference

“Follow” was the theme for the closing worship service of the 2012 General Conference of The United Methodist Church.  Bishop Rosemarie Wenner’s parting word was: “Where You Lead Us We Will Go.”  The singing leave-taking declared, “If You lead me, Lord, I will follow…Where You lead us, Lord, we will go.” closing worship 

General Conference adjourns

Joey Lopez (Western North Carolina, USA, lay) made the motion to adjourn the 2012 General Conference of The United Methodist Church. adjournment 

Referral of Plan UMC not lifted from the table

Referral of Plan UMC to the Council of Bishops and the Connectional Table was tabled in Friday evening discussion at the General Conference.  After other procedural matters were completed the delegates had an opportunity to lift the proposed referral from the table.  By a vote of: yes-427; no-444 the Plan was not lifted, and hence not …

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GC2012 Radio: That’s all folks…

On our final show, we hear delegates react to this afternoon’s judicial council ruling, which deemed “Plan UMC” unconstitutional. That ruling led to an evening plenary session that continues as I write this. Plus…the Rev. Becca Clark talks with me about Twitter and the guaranteed appointment debate that took place earlier in the week. A …

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Bishop Goodpaster responds to the Judicial Council decision on “Plan UMC”

Bishop Larry Goodpaster responded to the decision of the Judicial Council (no. 1210) which said of “Plan UMC,” “it [is] constitutionally unsalvageable.”  His remarks came at the beginning of the Friday evening session. Bishop_Goodpaster_statement 

General Conference endorses DREAM Act

UMNS reporter Kathy Gilbert talks about General Conference support of the DREAM Act. Dream_Act 

Technology has changed the General Conference experience

“It won’t be as much telling people what’s been done,” says Greg Nelson of the report back after the General Conference.  Instead, Nelson, Director of Communications for the Oregon-Idaho Annual Conference, believes that “it will be about establishing relationships.” Greg_Nelson 

Delegates React to Judicial Council Ruling re: Plan UMC

Four delegates react to to the Judicial Council’s ruling, which said that “Plan UMC” is unconsitutional. The council’s decision was announced late in the afternoon plenary session. delegate_reaction_plan_umc

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