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Year 1: Sandy recovery — Mission teams needed

Since many volunteer in mission teams plan six months in advance, the advertisement and recruitment for spring and summer of 2014 is crucial right now, says UMCOR’s disaster relief coordinator for the U.S. Recovery from Sandy is expected to take years, so relief coordinators have to keep Sandy on the front-burner for a long time.

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Year 1: Sandy recovery — ‘Love Methodist volunteers’

’Volunteers are the backbone of United Methodist disaster response and nobody knows that better than the people who set up the work opportunities. “I love my Methodist volunteers,” declared Gillian Prince, who works in the New York Conference’s Brooklyn relief office. “They are the best…they come in ready and willing to work.”

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Year 1: Sandy recovery — Management the key

A rebuild averages four to five months but could take up to a year, but The United Methodist Church has become well known for disaster case management. “UMCOR is the gold standard,” said Bobbie Ridgely, director of A Future with Hope, Greater New Jersey’s Sandy relief organization.

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Year 1: Sandy recovery — Volunteers a ‘lifeline’

“He was standing there, but what I saw was God standing there in the midst of the destruction,” said Nancy Werner of the Rev. Jeffry Wells, pastor of Community United Methodist Church in Massapequa, N.Y. “The outreach of The United Methodist Church has overwhelmed me. It was our lifeline.”

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Year 1: Sandy recovery — Different needs everywhere

From Santiago, Cuba to Criswell, Md., to Far Rockaway, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Long Island and the Jersey shore, the recovery efforts began. The survivors shared common threads of need: immediate relief, assessment, repair, rebuilding and renewal from the emotional and spiritual toll. Learn what United Methodists did.

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