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Year 1: Sandy recovery — Different needs everywhere

The historic Sheepshead Bay United Methodist Church in the Brooklyn neighborhood of New York was flooded during Hurricane Sandy. A volunteer team from Covenant Community United Methodist Church in Asheville, N.C., is helping make repairs.

From Santiago, Cuba to Criswell, Md., to Far Rockaway, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn, Long Island and the Jersey shore, the recovery efforts began. The survivors shared common threads of need: immediate relief, assessment, repair, rebuilding and renewal from the emotional and spiritual toll. Learn what United Methodists did.

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More teams needed for Sandy recovery in Northeast U.S.

United Methodist coordinators in New Jersey, New York and Maryland are beginning to schedule rebuilding teams for those whose homes were damaged by Hurricane Sandy last October.

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Sandy giving now at $6.1 million; teams needed

United Methodists are continuing to contribute both money and volunteer time to the denomination’s relief efforts for those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

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Sandy’s toll: Worse than you think

If you live in the New York-New Jersey region, it’s easy to see that more than two months later, the recovery from Hurricane Sandy has barely begun.

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‘They were beyond human’

An Early Response Team mucks out a home. Photo by Billy Robinson.

Across the country, the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) has trained more than 10,000 ERT members who help people. Their specialized training and credentials allow them to move quickly into a disaster zone once they officially are deployed.

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Thousands of Sandy survivors know church cares

Thousands of Hurricane Sandy survivors have seen the church in action during the last month. Photo by Sushil Bhujbal.

One month after the hurricane-turned-Superstorm Sandy hit, it’s possible to summarize the church’s response in numbers, though these statistics are ever-changing as relief efforts continue in earnest. But the numbers — impressive as they are — show only the tiniest facade of the story.

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N.J. now open to early response teams

United Methodists in New Jersey are receiving their first out-of-state “early response teams” to assist in the Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts.

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Cleanup Post-Sandy Can Seem Like ‘Mission Impossible’

United Methodist volunteer Elaine Piniat shares her story of volunteering for the Lacey United Methodist Church.

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Volunteers: The lifeblood of storm response

Volunteers, NJ

After Hurricane Sandy ripped through the New Jersey coast, the Manasquan United Methodist Church was left without power, but the Rev. Reggie Albert was determined that her church wouldn’t be powerless.

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Stunned N.J. towns reach for hope


Charlie and Eileen Brennan are sitting on steps of their house in Belmar, a coastal New Jersey town where they’ve lived for 31 years. Taking a break from cleaning up debris in their yard and dragging damaged items from indoors, they eat a lunch of cold ham sandwiches they pull from a cooler between them.

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