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The Church in China: Focus on disaster relief

Nearly 200 people were killed in the April 20 earthquake in China’s Sichuan Province.

When disaster strikes, Amity goes to front lines, a new action in a country where government traditionally managed disaster response.

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The Church in China: To serve God, society

Student bakers, under the supervision of a special education teacher (wearing yellow) create pastires at the Amity Bakery in Nanjing, China. The bakery provides job skills training for people with mental disabilities. A UMNS photo by Mike DuBose.

For the past 28 years, the Amity Foundation has worked to assist those on the margins of Chinese society.

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The Church in China: Pews are full

Parishioners fill the pews during worship at Mu'en Church in Shanghai, China.

Many of China’s historic churches now filled with thousands—instead of hundreds—as young people turn to churches in large numbers.

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The Church in China: One pastor’s journey

A parishioner reads her Bible at Chongwenmen Church in Beijing, China. Chinese Bible production, which was halted during the Cultural Revolution, began again in the 1980s with a prototype taken from old Bibles that had not been confiscated by the Red Guards. A UMNS photo by Mike DuBose.

At 69, The Rev. Bao Jiayuan looks back on a Christian lifetime nurtured by his father and grandfather, who embraced the faith in the mid-19th century.

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Amity: A Bible priting press

It took 20 years to produce the first 50 million Bibles, but only five years to produce the next 50 million.

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The Church in China: A growth in size, faith

The Revs. Kan Baoping (left) and Gao Feng of the China Christian Council discuss relations with The United Methodist Church during a meeting with a visiting delegation of denominational leaders at the council's office in Shanghai, China. A UMNS photo by Mike DuBose.

As the number of Christians in China climbs, Chinese faith leaders work to maintain relationships with faith groups internationally.

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United Methodism’s Chinese connections

Greeter Wang Yan Na welcomes parishioners and visitors to Chongwenmen Church in Beijing, China. A UMNS photo by Mike DuBose.

The United Methodist Church’s ties to China began in 1847 with arrival of Methodist Episcopal Church missionaries and continues today.

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Earthquake relief continues in China

The Amity Foundation, a partner of the United Methodist Committee on Relief, is expanding its relief efforts to earthquake survivors in China’s Sichuan Province.

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Chinese Christians help lead earthquake recovery

New construction in Woyun must meet strict earthquake-proof standards. A UMNS Web-only photo courtesy of Amity Foundation.

Life in the Sichuan province in China changed on May 12, 2008. The Longmenshan fault buckled and ripped in two, reducing towns and villages to rubble and collapsing school buildings like accordions.

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Bible exhibition highlights Christianity in China

Diane Allen, coordinator of the China Program for the United Methodist Board of Global Ministries, visits the Chinese Bible ministry exhibition at the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York City, June 5-12. The "A Lamp to My Feet, A Light to My Path" Bible ministry exhibition from China is intended as both an educational tool and vehicle for friendship. “There are so many misconceptions about Christianity in China,” says Allen. A UMNS photo by John Goodwin.

From a stone tablet dating from 781 A.D. to a New Testament produced by a modern printing press, the Bible has had a long history in China.

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