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Perspectives on Schaefer case, same-sex debate, in United Methodist Church

The debate around same-gender weddings and human sexuality has heated up in The United Methodist Church after recent events including the defrocking of a pastor for performing the wedding of his gay son. Here is some of the debate.

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Schaefer, family, join Foundry UMC in Washington

Frank Schaefer, the former United Methodist clergyman who was defrocked Dec. 19, is now a member of Foundry United Methodist Church and mulling over an offer to move west. Schaefer, his wife, Brigitte, and two of his four children – sons Kevin and Jordan – were received into membership by the Washington congregation, with dozens of people surrounding the family on the platform during the installation.

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Bishop Schol addresses Schaefer case, clergy trials

Bishop Schol's video statement on Schaefer trial

Bishop John Schol issued a video statement Dec. 20 in response to the defrocking of Frank Schaefer and called for The United Methodist Church to stop using clergy trials as a way to resolve differences in the church.

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2013: Same-sex wedding issues abound

Weddings and trials sound disharmony for The United Methodist Church as it ends a year that included two well-publicized same-sex weddings and a high-profile church trial for a pastor who officiated at his son’s same-sex nuptials.

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Finance agency responds to clergy housing decision

A U.S. federal district court has ruled tax-free housing benefits for clergy unconstitutional. The United Methodist finance agency is closely monitoring the case.

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