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Bloombytes: Seeing Mandela in New York

Perhaps no group was more excited when Nelson Mandela visited New York in 1990 than the religious folk and civil rights leaders who greeted him at Riverside Church on June 21 to celebrate his release from prison four months earlier. It is a joy that lingers years later as the entire world helps Mandela celebrate …

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Bloombytes: Women must tell their stories

Being part of a connection is what United Methodists are all about, reflects Linda Bloom, as she notes all the ways in which women have connected in the last two weeks.

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Sandy’s toll: Worse than you think

If you live in the New York-New Jersey region, it’s easy to see that more than two months later, the recovery from Hurricane Sandy has barely begun.

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Goma once more needs reason to hope

In September, I watched online as a United Methodist bishop from the Democratic Republic of Congo pleaded with a sympathetic U.S. congressional subcommittee to help end the rapes and killings in eastern Congo.

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The splintering effects of a hurricane

New Yorker Linda Bloom takes comfort knowing United Methodists will respond to communities hurt by Superstorm Sandy.

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