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Top executive of global ministries ‘overjoyed’ by contributions to GC2012 but ‘hoped for more to celebrate’

This is excerpted from a letter sent to directors of the Board of Global Ministries after General Conference 2012. By Thomas Kemper Thanks to the hard work of directors, missionaries and staff, the cause of mission was well represented at the recent General Conference in Tampa. Much of the fine spirit of our March board …

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GC reflections: Church restructure– I’m relieved it failed

No doubt you have been reading, as I have, all of the commentaries on what happened at General Conference. Every one I’ve read laments the fact that after the conference finally voted for a plan of restructuring, the Judicial Council unanimously declared it unconstitutional.

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GC reflections: Moving beyond the trauma and dysfunction

Has the General Conference become dysfunctional? Many outside observers, watching almost 1,000 delegates struggle in a cavernous, dimly lit hall in Tampa trying to make informed and intelligent decisions together, may well have wondered.

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Guaranteed appointments action now in question

The United Methodist connection is abuzz today about an email sent by Bishop Sudarshana Devadhar regarding General Conference’s action on ending guaranteed appointments for clergy. The email cites a note from the Rev. L. Fitzgerald Reist II, secretary of the General Conference. The bishop’s full note follows:   SUPER IMPORTANT UPDATE FROM 2012 GENERAL CONFERENCE Dear Brothers and …

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General Conference 2012: Frustrating, sobering and head scratching

You, no doubt, have heard the old phrase, “When everything’s said and done . . . there was more said than done!” This very well may be the theme of the 2012 General Conference that adjourned after 10 p.m. on Friday night, May 4.

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