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Tornado Survivors: “It’s Going To Take a Long Time”

Just as Shelly Kerker was about to leave the Crossroads United Methodist Church in Washington, IL last Sunday, the pastors told the congregation and staff they needed to shelter-in-place immediately. An F4 tornado touched down close-by, tearing up at least 1,400 homes in the community.

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After Sandy, Maryland town quietly suffers

Five volunteers are standing in the Asbury United Methodist Church in Crisfield, Maryland, talking about their goals for the day.

Nearly two months after Hurricane Sandy swept up the US East Coast, this team of volunteers will finish gutting out the home of two elderly sisters, then begin dragging soggy belongings from dozens of other homes.

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‘They were beyond human’

Across the country, the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) has trained more than 10,000 ERT members who help people. Their specialized training and credentials allow them to move quickly into a disaster zone once they officially are deployed.

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Thousands of Sandy survivors know church cares

One month after the hurricane-turned-Superstorm Sandy hit, it’s possible to summarize the church’s response in numbers, though these statistics are ever-changing as relief efforts continue in earnest. But the numbers — impressive as they are — show only the tiniest facade of the story.

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Sandy survivor: ‘It’s unfathomable’

The Rev. Don Stevens was holding himself together until he came across a tote bag that had been drenched by flooding from Hurricane Sandy.

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