Bishop Matthews asks for prayers, action after D.C.-area mall shooting

WASHINGTON (UMNS) — “A deep sense of tragedy hangs in the air,” Bishop Marcus Matthews of the Baltimore-Washington Annual (regional) Conference wrote as he called Jan. 25 for prayers in the wake of the shooting at the Mall in Columbia, a few miles from the Conference Mission Center. The shooter and two victims were reported killed.

“As I write, details of the shooting are still being released,” the bishop said. “…In addition to praying for the shooter, those killed and injured and all of their families, I find myself lamenting the lack of progress being made in our nation to end gun violence. There have been at least 10 shootings at public institutions this year alone. Just yesterday, at my alma mater South Carolina State University, a shooting claimed the life of a student.”

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  1. Walt Pryor

    I have read at least six stories, in the past month, where people protected themselves and their families, from death, because they had a gun! I am positive there are hundreds of people a year who are alive because they had a gun! Why am I positive? Because Major Liberal National Media never include stories where guns are used to stop violence.
    If you want to stop gun violence, then get out and oppose Socialist/Progressive ideas. Oppose there, heaven on earth, agenda’s. Fight to put the Bible back in schools! Fight to stop abortion! Fight to stop ACLU from taking any reference to God out of our society! Fight to protect Christians being marginalized by Obama! Why don’t most Bishops fight? Because they agree with Obama and the ACLU! What does that say about leaders of the Methodist? It says they have been seduced by perverted logic. Those people who support Democrats, support abortion, homosexuality, illegal alien, big socialist unions and Communist Progressive ideas!
    Where are the people at? Where are the Methodist? Who is opposing the Satanic take over of our country? Methodist? No! These Liberal Bishops live in Ivory towers, like most college professors. They have almost no understanding of this evil world. This evil world is full of murderers, rapist, and liars!
    People must have the right to protect themselves! Seems to me Methodist Leadership is in lock step with those who are trying to take God out of our Culture!
    It is people not trained in love and sacrifice for good who are the problem.
    We have hundreds of regulations against guns. But guess what? Judges do not enforce them! What the anti gun lobby wants is an unprotected population, so those people can be enslaved without a fight! The first thing Adolph Hitler did was confiscate private guns! So did Joseph Stalin!
    Our Bishops are weak minded fence sitters. They fold up like paper, they bend like a willow in the wind. For sure they do not understand God. Those people belong to the church of Laodecia. Instead of going along with those who want to enslave Americans, the Bishops should be fighting for freedom.

  2. Kevin

    Did you read the article? here is the money quote “This country needs a lot of help. When somebody is that angry to go to a mall on a Saturday morning and shoot people. We’re in a lot of trouble… To push people to those limits where things like that happen makes no sense.”

    So you see it is the victims fault for pushing this poor guy to the limit.

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