Bishop Goodpaster responds to the Judicial Council decision on “Plan UMC”

Bishop Larry Goodpaster of Western North Carolina discusses how the 2012 United Methodist General Conference, meeting in Tampa, Fla., might find "a way forward" after the church's Judicial Council ruled that a proposed plan for restructuring was unconstitutional. A UMNS photo by Mike DuBose.

Bishop Larry Goodpaster responded to the decision of the Judicial Council (no. 1210) which said of “Plan UMC,” “it [is] constitutionally unsalvageable.”  His remarks came at the beginning of the Friday evening session.


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  1. Mark Mitchell

    Not unexpected really. These complicated changes to a sweepingly different structure simply cannot be changed on the fly during GC. A revised plan reflecting the changes agreed by GC 2012 that WILL survive judicial review can be presented in 2016. The sticking point, of course is that GC 2016 will also desire changes. There is much frustration but also much comfort in being forced to consider all change as incremental.

    Sisters and brothers, we will get there, just not this year.

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