What if Mother Teresa Were Here for Restructuring Plan Discussion


Mother Teresa

As a restructuring plan (Plan UMC) has received a tentative nod from the General Conference, I am reminded of the prayer that Mother Teresa prayed in her book My Life for the Poor, which is also printed in the Upper Room’s 50 Days of Prayer: Before and During General Conference 2012.

 “I was at a meeting of

the Superiors General in Europe.

They talked only of changing

the structures of society.

Organizing things in a different way.

It all came to nothing.

It did not do something for the poor,

Or preach Christ to those without religion,

To those totally ignorant of God.

I was happy when it was all over.

 -Mother Teresa, in My Life for the Poor.

 I imagine we will be happy when it is all over.  And yet, I ponder.  What if Mother Teresa were attending the General Conference of the United Methodist Church here in Tampa?  Would she have asked the same questions she asked about the Superiors General meeting- “Will the 2012 Restructuring Plan do something for the poor? Or preach Christ to those without religion?”  I pray that it surely does so. 

Now, I would add a question.  “How will our church structure help ensure  ALL God’s children’s voice to be heard?”   Finally, I pray that whatever form our denominational structure may become  it helps the United Methodist Church make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.