Human sexuality amendments fail

During morning plenary, delegates voted down two amendments to the Social Principles that sought to acknowledge members of the United Methodist Church disagree on homosexuality. Tita Parham and Kathy Gilbert are covering this story for UMNS; I’ll talk with them on tonight’s GC2012 Radio podcast.

I went out to the hall during the break and caught a couple of reactions from delegates.

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Several people stood around the bar of the General Conference this morning while two amendments to the UM Social Principles were debated.


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  1. Charles K.

    To say we disagree is an understatement. To say that those of us who stand firm with our view that homosexuality is incompatable with Christian Teaching and even outside the will of God are unloving is incorrect. It is out of love that we stand firm to the Scriptures. We are challenged when we call a behavior sin and said we are unloving. Maybe we have come to the point that after 40 years there is no change in the issue and the United Methodist Church should consider splitting and each side go their own way.

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