6 p.m. EDT June 23: Jury votes to suspend Wisconsin pastor

A jury of 13 United Methodist clergy in the church trial of the Rev. Amy DeLong voted 9-4 to suspend the pastor for a period of 20 days, beginning in July. The jury convicted DeLong on a charge of performing a same-sex union in violation of church law. Details were to be announced soon after the decision became known at 6 p.m. EST Thursday.

The same jury Wednesday found DeLong not guilty in a unanimous decision of the charge of being a “self-avowed practicing homosexual.” Her conviction on the same-sex union violation came on a 12-1vote. DeLong has been a clergy member in Wisconsin for 14 years and is director of an advocacy group. In 2009, she agreed to officiate at a service for a lesbian couple, and she and her longtime partner registered under Wisconsin’s Domestic Partnership Law.

United Methodist News Service reporter Heather Hahn and photographer Mike DuBose are covering the trial and will post coverage here as well as on the UMNS Facebook page and Flickr.


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  1. linda.furtado

    Open hearts, open minds, open doors….. wondering how this is going to help/hurt evangelism. Guess I need to brush up on my Methodism 101. Whatever the case it just seems like somethings not right here. God be with us and guide us along the way.

  2. LarryH

    This is really a denomination divided and continues to be so. As long as we try to be a political body and not follow the words of Jesus in our actions, these travesties will continue.

  3. Mr. Beaver

    @ Larry H
    AMEN. I am not part of the UMC but I have many friends that are. These friends are caught in the storm of worldliness in the church and are not getting enough of the Word of God. Best comment I have ever read on this site.

  4. Jezi Se Wa

    If the word was preached more, there would be less confusion.Ministers need to stop sugar coating the word of God; if the message is bitter, we are called to give it BITTER. What Amy Long did is omit from her bible what God so clearly said was wrong. We(everyone) is called to come to Christ as YOU ARE, but, as you hear and read the word of God and participate in praise, worship and prayer, YOU CANNOT remain the same as when you first came. Conclusion, Ms. Long has elected to leave as she entered, & in the process, has cause confusion amongst those seeking the Lord. The Ultimate judgement will be the Lords.

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